Let’s Talk Seasons! 🎄🎃🌞🌈☂❄🌡

Here are some great seasonal activities to enliven your class!

  1. Seasonal activity quiz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtA9Ni-wxUI&ab_channel=ArmaganCitak

2. Just a Minute ESL Speaking Activity: https://eslspeaking.org/just-a-minute-game-esl-speaking/

3. ESL Survey about Seasons: https://eslspeaking.org/6-esl-survey-ideas/

4. Taboo, ESL Style: https://eslspeaking.org/esl-speaking-game-for-kids-adults/

5. Vocabulary Auction: https://eslspeaking.org/vocabulary-auction-esl-game/

Mrs Julia is ON THE AIR!

Had a great opportunity to represent my First City Gymnasia on the radio and share about international projects we are participating in. FCG is a polylinguistic Gymnasia and we have always been very keen on inviting volunteers from other counties to teach in our school. Thus, we have Cap Hensley from the USA and Natalia Prushniak from Poland, who work on a regular basis.

Speak Together Project

“Summer Is For Learning!” is motto for the bunch of students who have volunteered to be in the Speak Together Project. The idea is to have on-line sessions with American teenagers where they communicate, share their stories, read English books and watch short videos. The project was initiated by an American high school student who set up a website for young Americans who want to have online volunteer teaching. Thus, over 30 students of our Gymnasia have weekly 45-minute sissions with tutors from California, the USA, and use this opportunity for improving their English. Well done!

Jolly Phonics Workshop

The interest towards Jolly Phonics approach in teaching English has never been greater, as it lies at the foundation of teaching young learners in our modern Ukrainian schools. The workshop was a great fun for me, and I hope that the teachers found some good ideas and motivation to make changes in the lives of kids)

Cherkasy English Language Competition “Paddington-2021”

Cherkasy First City Gymnasia continues its great tradition of organising the English Language Competition among the students of 6th anf 7th forms of Cherkasy schools called “Paddington”. Although the event was online this year, it continued to grow in popularity and became one of the most popular language competitions in our city. The students had two rounds (listening + grammar + basic knowledge of the Paddington film and speaking). The winners were awarded with Centificates and English books. You can find the names of the winners on FCG website at http://fcg.ck.ua/news/9419