This week my students and I have celebrated a wonderful holiday – Thanksgiving. We watched a cartoon about the history of this holiday, found out what food Americans eat on this day and even made a craft – a bookmark 🙂 Kids were soooo excited!


October  27 was a special day for the 2nd formers – they wrote letters to their American friends from Rush City, MN. Their faces showed happiness as they were writing the letters and drawing pictures. This project has been taking place for two years already and the kids are so proud of this friendship. Soon Kimberly Sikkink Halbert will receive the letters and hand them out to our American friends!

Visitors from the USA

On Friday, October 27, we had the privilege to welcome two visitors from Minnesota, USA. David Melin and Greg McClellan conducted four lessons during which they had great conversations with our students. They talked about  schools in the US, discipline issues, school uniform, bullying and other problems that American kids face.

International DAY OF PEACE in our Gymnasia

On September 21, our school activists held festive events dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The day began with the traditional meeting as a sign of supporting world peace. In addition, on this very day, the students of gymnasia made leaflets and posters reflecting the calls for the peaceful coexistence of all nations on the planet. The little students of 2-4th grades amzed the gymnasia community and school guests with the impressive creative autumn handmade art pieces during the exhibition called “Autumn Peace Design”. Our students did their best to contribute to the efforts of millions of people around the globe aimed at making people not only consider the issue of world peace but also do something to sustain it. For this reason, gymnasia’s 5-10-graders have conducted a Peace Charity Fair and will direct the money raised to the people of the city who need our help most.

My new classroom!

I am excited to have a new classroom this year with a brand new Interractive TouchBoard Plus! With this smart technology my calasses are more educational and more entertaining. Lots of new opportunities, new experience and new ideas. Kids love it and I love it too!