FCE Writing

Learn how to write a review for the FCE writing exam in this lesson. For many people, the writing section is the most challenging part of the FCE test. In this lesson, you’ll see a step-by-step process for writing a review. You’ll see exactly what to do at each stage and how to improve your FCE writing score.

This lesson will help you: – Understand the FCE writing task and how scoring works. – Learn how to plan your FCE writing review. – Write a first draft for the FCE writing review. – Understand ways to improve that first draft of the FCE writing review. – Make sure you are using good grammar, sentence structure, spelling, word count and more to get a good mark in the FCE Writing Exam.

FCE – Speaking

In this lesson, you can see what to expect in part two of the FCE speaking exam and how to improve your score. You’ll see how the questions are structured, and you can learn useful phrases that will help you to compare photos and speculate on what could be happening. We’ll also look at sample questions and answers. In part two of the FCE speaking test you’ll be given two photographs. You have to compare the two photos and answer a question about them. You’ll have about one minute for this. Your partner will then be asked a short question related to your photographs.

IELTS – Speaking

In this lesson, watch an IELTS Speaking Band 9 sample test. You’ll see each section of the IELTS speaking test, and after each section we’ll highlight the features that could help you to improve your IELTS speaking score.


In this lesson, you can learn how to use linking words and phrases for the IELTS writing exam. Linking words are important for your IELTS writing, especially for the essay. Using linking words well can make a big difference to your coherence and cohesion score, which is 25% of your writing score.Even if you’re not preparing for an IELTS exam and just want to improve your English writing generally, this lesson could help you!