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Are you looking for some great material for teaching English? Welcome to my Facebook page! 🙂 There are plenty of different teaching and learning links, references and ideas you can use in your classroom.


Demo lesson “MY DAY”

Hello everybody! Happy to share with you some photos and a short video of my demo lesson with my students. They are in the 3rd form now, active and bright 🙂 The topic of the lesson is “My Day”.

English in summer

Summer is a great time to learn some new English words or phrases. If you have some free time, check the following sites 🙂 You’ll find lots of English games, quizzes, crosswords. Have fun and learn English! 😉


Valentine’s Day 2018

My kids love holidays for a good reason – we always have CRAFTS on that day! 🙂 This Valentine’s Day was very special. Children made suncatchers for their mums! Lots of fun and laughter!

SMART goals with Mr.Fabinson

We had a great opportunity to have Mr.Fabinson at our lesson. Being a Peace Corps volunteer, he gave great insights on the keys to success and the life goals for every young person. We especially likds his presentation of SMART goals. Thank you, Fabinson!


This week my students and I have celebrated a wonderful holiday – Thanksgiving. We watched a cartoon about the history of this holiday, found out what food Americans eat on this day and even made a craft – a bookmark 🙂 Kids were soooo excited!


October  27 was a special day for the 2nd formers – they wrote letters to their American friends from Rush City, MN. Their faces showed happiness as they were writing the letters and drawing pictures. This project has been taking place for two years already and the kids are so proud of this friendship. Soon Kimberly Sikkink Halbert will receive the letters and hand them out to our American friends!

Visitors from the USA

On Friday, October 27, we had the privilege to welcome two visitors from Minnesota, USA. David Melin and Greg McClellan conducted four lessons during which they had great conversations with our students. They talked about  schools in the US, discipline issues, school uniform, bullying and other problems that American kids face.