The twelfth international exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions” and the exhibition of the education abroad “World Edu” http://www.vsosvita.com.ua were being held from May 26 to May 28 in the Kyiv Palace of Sports.

They were organized and conducted by the Exhibition World Company with the informational, methodological, and organizational support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the State Scientific Institution “Institute for Modernization of Educational Content”.🏆

The gymnasia teaching staff submitted to the exhibition the work describing the experience of distance learning. In the nomination “Using digital tools to ensure effective distance and blended learning in crisis conditions“, we were honored with a Gold Medal. 🥇

The collection of works contained the creative dossiers of the gymnasia principal S.I. Sayenko, vice principal Y.V. Pais, N.V. Khvorostantseva, S.S. Demesheva, V.I. Yularzhi, O.V. Naumenko, O.M. Omelyanenko, A.V. Mekh, S.V. Mikhnovska, T.A. Pourets, I.A. Radko, V.A. Silenko, K.O. Sukhenko, E.A. Kovalenko, N.K. Karnaukhova, O.S. Zorina, and N. Pruchnyak. The technical support of the project was provided by the computer science teacher O.I. Chekh. By the order of the gymnasia principal, all project participants will be awarded with cash prizes.

Distance Teaching: Challenges

Fist things first: no need to panic! Remember, you are an expert in your subject matter.

  1. Dismiss the knowledge gap
  2. Get to know your software
  3. Create a distraction -free workplace
  4. Set clear expectations
  5. Start every class with a warm personalized welcome
  6. Provide examples
  7. Give effective feedback

Real LAVA?

We had a wonderful lesson yesterday thanks to Cap Hensley! We have recently been learning about mountains and volcanos with my students of the 5th form. And we had a chance to see and to touch OBSIDIAN – one of the glassy products of volcanic activity, formed by the rapid cooling of silica-rich lava. When Cap Hensley brought it to the classroom, the kids shouted: “It is LAVA!” Great hands-on experience)))

Thanksgiving – 2020. Give thanks? YES!

This holiday has been my favourite for many years. I love celebrating it with my family at home and with students at school. Mayflower story, the Pilgrims, Native Americans, turkey, corn, pumpkin – the picture stand out in my head every time November approaches. This year was not an exception. Of course we had a party, we watched First Thanksgiving Story, ate homemade treats and made crafts. This year we made head pieces with feathers, and children chose ‘Indian’ names for themselves. And we gave thanks. To God. For food. For friends, For homes, For families. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

TOP-NOTCH Websites for On-line Classes

Looking for some great resources? Then this collection is for you! I’ve got a collection of some greeeeaaat websites for super-duper classes 🙂 Use them and don’t lose them 🙂