Distance Teaching: Challenges

Fist things first: no need to panic! Remember, you are an expert in your subject matter.

  1. Dismiss the knowledge gap
  2. Get to know your software
  3. Create a distraction -free workplace
  4. Set clear expectations
  5. Start every class with a warm personalized welcome
  6. Provide examples
  7. Give effective feedback

Real LAVA?

We had a wonderful lesson yesterday thanks to Cap Hensley! We have recently been learning about mountains and volcanos with my students of the 5th form. And we had a chance to see and to touch OBSIDIAN – one of the glassy products of volcanic activity, formed by the rapid cooling of silica-rich lava. When Cap Hensley brought it to the classroom, the kids shouted: “It is LAVA!” Great hands-on experience)))

Thanksgiving – 2020. Give thanks? YES!

This holiday has been my favourite for many years. I love celebrating it with my family at home and with students at school. Mayflower story, the Pilgrims, Native Americans, turkey, corn, pumpkin – the picture stand out in my head every time November approaches. This year was not an exception. Of course we had a party, we watched First Thanksgiving Story, ate homemade treats and made crafts. This year we made head pieces with feathers, and children chose ‘Indian’ names for themselves. And we gave thanks. To God. For food. For friends, For homes, For families. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

TOP-NOTCH Websites for On-line Classes

Looking for some great resources? Then this collection is for you! I’ve got a collection of some greeeeaaat websites for super-duper classes 🙂 Use them and don’t lose them 🙂


7 Useful ESL Websites Every Professional ESL Teacher Should Have Bookmarked


This is a one-stop shop for teachers looking for lessons that are print & teach
ISLCollective.com, a site financed by donation only, offers a huge user-fed database of ready-to-rock lesson plans with colorful pictures and illustrations. Free registration and a fast search interface make it a great site to frequent when you need supplemental material or a last-minute lesson.

useful esl websites 1 - islcollective


Perfect for bringing fresh, current events into your classroom activities
Breaking News English features a new lesson every two days on – you guessed it – a breaking news story. A story scales a variety of difficulties (word counts) with a staggering 26-page PDF version or a two-page mini lesson version. You can also find listening (various speeds and accents), vocabulary and spelling quizzes.

useful esl websites 2 - breakingnewsenglish


Discussion questions out the ying-yang for conversation classes
This site has other lessons but the true jackpot is the bonanza of general discussion questions for conversation classes here. Each topic has well over 15 questions to burn up any one-hour conversation class without a problem. Copy, paste, print, ask, discuss, correct, class finished.

useful esl websites 3 - itesljorg


We have put together a great team to help teachers and students with all things ESL.
We have a great email course on how to really effectively use YouTube videos to center a great lesson plan around. We have 4 super unique ways to use the video as a speaking activity students will love. Learning these 4 techniques is worth it alone, but we also throw in 3 full YouTube lesson plans! The lessons focus on speaking but also touch on listening, discussion and writing practice too. Just one of many great courses we are offering for free this year.

useful esl websites 4 - YourEnglishSource.com


Another community-contributing powerhouse
Another mind-blowing compilation of print & teach lesson plans. Look in their “More” menu for some unique things like a word search maker, flash card builder and other ESL website reviews. They advertise their own premium content a lot but still there is so much for free, Who cares?

useful esl websites 5 - BusyTeacher


Perfect for bringing fresh current events into your classroom activities
Beggars can’t be choosers. Well, here they can! Every idiom under the sun is cataloged for search with a simple regular English definition for students. Teachers can compile handouts like idioms used in Australia or idioms about animals. Plus you can use the site’s keyword search to access what you like.

usefule esl websites 6 - usingenglish


Listening practice made fun and interesting for students of all levels
This site plays a YouTube video and provides a multiple choice quiz right beside the video. Submit answers and the site returns a score instantly. Register and create your own quizzes with online video content. Your students can email you their results right from the website also.

usefule esl websites 7 - eslvideo